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Recognise & Reward

What is Recognise & Reward?

An initiative we have introduced with workplace appreciation in mind.

Research shows that happiness raises a businesses productivity by 31%, and what better way to bring happiness than to show your appreciation to your team with a thoughtful gift?

Affirm their good work, acknowledge longevity or simply celebrate birthdays, let The Gift Sisters help your business grow through happiness.

We have a wide range of goodies available to cover all your gifting needs.


How Does It Work?

Step 1: 
Choose your gift tier and category for each of the gifts that you need.

Step 2: 
Complete the order form with details of your business, gifts required and recipients & dates you wish to acknowledge.

Step 3:
We will invoice you for your order. All orders must be paid for by the 20th of the month prior.

On the special day we’ll deliver your gift!

Choose Your Gift Tier & Category




Mills Manuka Gift Pack

ALSO AVAILABLE: Platinum ($200) and Black ($300). Occasion specific gifts such as new baby or bereavement available on request. 


Recognise & Reward Order Form




    All orders close on the 14th of the month prior to the month of gift-giving. Invoices will be issued by The Gift Sisters and must be paid in advance by the 20th of the month. All gift tier and category photos serve as content examples only. Content is subject to availability. Prices are GST inclusive.